At Altimate Looks, we pride ourselves as being a full-service beauty care destination for women of all ages. No matter what your beauty needs are, our experienced beauty practitioners will deliver you just the service you need.

But that’s not the only thing that distinguishes our services from the others!

It’s often easy to provide a specific service that a client requests. What’s even harder is to help a woman that is not sure of what she needs. In fact, many of our guests come to us, lost and bewildered, not knowing exactly what they should do. Whether it’s a difficult makeup decision, a challenging hair-do or a particularly demanding skin-care solution, they look to us for guidance.

And after helping so many women find the right beauty care solution they need, our professionals are able to help, guide and consult them onto the right path. There’s no greater satisfaction for us than to see a guest walk away with a beautiful smile on her face – thanks to the services we were able to deliver!

Our vast array of services includes:



We’ll help you get rid of all that unwanted hair with a vast range of Threading services, including: Full Face, Eyebrow, Forehead, Neck, Side Lock, Chin, Lower Chin and Upper Lip

Body Waxing

Stymie theĀ  re-growth of hair in various parts of your body with our numerous Waxing options, including: Full Arms, Half Arms, Full Legs, Half Legs, Under Arms, Bikini Line, Brazilian, and Full Body Wax



Face Waxing

Using well tested techniques, we’ll remove unwanted hair from the roots. Don’t let hair grow back for up to 6 months with our Face Waxing services, which include: Full Face Waxing, Upper Lip, Side Lock, Chin, Lower Chin, Neck


Let our seasoned professionals pamper your face with exfoliation and extraction using facial massages, masks and peels. Our Facial services include: Refreshing Facial, Pigmentation Facial, Whitening Facial, Oil Control Facial, Dry Skin Facial, Gold Facial, Herbal Facial, Fruit Faial, Ayurveda Facials and Galvanie Facials



Hand & Feet Care

Cut, shape, paint, remove cuticles and soften the skins around the nails of your hands and feet. Our services include: Manicure, Pedicure, Express Manicure, Express Pedicure and Spa Pedicure


Lighten your skin tone with non-lethal, non-permanent and completely safe and harmless Bleaching, including: Full Body Bleach, Face, Neck, Arm, and Leg



Heena Art

Henna Art Work for all occasions, including weddings, parties, special ceremonies and religious and cultural festivals

Hair Care

Treat your hair to a full extravaganza of TLC, and watch our master hair stylists completely transform you into a brand new look. Our Hair Care services include: Hair Fall Treatments, Dandruff Treatments, Henna Treatments, Protein Treatments, Normal Oil Massage, Hair Spa, Hair Colouring, Hair Highlights, Rebounding of Hair